I am so blessed to do what I love in several facets of my life and a big reason I love photography so much is the families I get to interact with, watch grow, and do life alongside. Even though I don't get to see Jill nearly as often as I'd like, we have occasionally had phone conversations that last close to an hour at times to encourage each other, share ideas, or trouble shoot hurdles we have in our lives. I know I've said it a bunch of times here, but Gerard & I are truly the beneficiaries of some incredible people around us, Glen & Jill are among that group.

I have photographed their girls since they were 3 and they were runners then. Their fiesty, vivacious love of life (and running) hasn't waned and they are now SEVEN!!! How is that even possible!?

It was quite a blustery day but we eventually were able to find a spot to protect us from the wind and calm the wild hairs!

Glen, Jill & Girls: I love your family SO SO much. Each time I photograph you, I'm reminded of how God created your precious group of four and it encourages me to cling to His goodness, faithfulness and timeline for my life. You are beautiful, Lily & Nora, just like your Mama. Don't ever lose your spunk and zest for life, OK? 

Love to all of you, 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE