Gosh, I love watching my returning families grow in number and then in age! Little Miss Ellen and Mr. Gus are absolutely adorable and Ellen just doesn't stop smiling. While it was a bit of a chilly morning that wasn't Gus' favorite, big sister got some cute smirks out of him that are absolutely endearing and he eventually warmed up to our location (and to my camera). When their parents bust out an Elsa wig to get kiddos laughing, you know it's gonna be a good time. ;) (I'll keep that photo for my Behind the Scenes post at the end of the year-you're welcome, Pete!) 

We gave Pete & Jenni's miracle babies a brief break from my camera to capture their parents and then brought everyone back together for some silly-business:

Pete & Jenni: What a pleasure to see you guys and watch your family grow! I'm so glad we're in this parenting thing together with our kiddos so close in age. Many blessings to you in this season and beyond! 

Talk soon, 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE