I don't know how I managed to do it, but I wanted to read more in 2016 and with Laidy being more interested in the library, we made it happen! Here are some books that impacted me in 2016: 


Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell

Wow, talk about the importance of when, to whom, and where you are born! As a parent, it is truly an impactful book on what determines success (as defined by typical, secular society). It all comes down to teaching our children the correlation between work and reward for that work. Gladwell cites such interesting studies that prove the importance of the community in which you were born influencing the decisions you make,  but also your family's legacy of work ethic. Highly recommend it for any parent or single person needing a motivational push.

Let There Be Peace-Elisabeth Graham

I'll just leave this here. . . The wisdom and encouragement in its pages can reach farther than just in-law relationships. Since reading it, I have often referred friends to it and could recommend it to guys as well-especially if you're engaged or newly married! 

Parenting by the Book-John Rosemond

Talk about a kick to the pants for parents! (in the best way!) I have tried reading other parenting books along the way and this one FINALLY has sunk in and made sense! Wise friends recommended it to us and I can't wait for Gerard to have a few moments to read it too. This book has made me laugh outloud, provided wise guidance, and encouraged all in the same paragraph on numerous occasions. Of all the books in 2016, this one probably needs to take up residence on our bookshelf permanently. 


The Accidental Empress-Allison Pataki

I finished this one the week Lochlyn was born and the history gripped me.  Accurate to historical events, it saddened me greatly to watch the demise of Austro-Hungarian Empress Sisi's marriage (which was such a beautiful love story!) while maintaining the well-being of a nation. For the historical fiction lover, it's a haunting tale.  Only reason I haven't read the sequel? #hadababy

The Butterfly and the Violin-Kristy Cambron

I'm a sucker for WWII history and this one definitely doesn't disappoint! I had never known that the Nazi concentration camps had musicians performing in them, so as a musician myself, it was quite spell-binding. The strength of this generation never ceases to amaze.

The Boys in the Boat-Daniel James Brown

I might have read this one last year, but it sticks out to me that I might not have referenced it here before and I want to give it a shout out! This story is about the ins and outs leading up to the 1936 Berlin Olympics for the American Crew (rowing) team. You learn about the sport, the men and events leading up to WWII. Again, sucker for WWII history, but also a great read for the sports lover or Olympic trivia afficionado. 


Since Laidy is the main reason we continue to hit up the library, I have to include a few that she requests over and over (and over!) again:


Anything Berenstain Bears 

Make Way for Ducklings 

Zin Zin Zin A Violin!


The Book With No Pictures

If you're looking for some good titles, I hope one of these strikes you! If not, I'll try again next time! 

Happy reading by the fireplace as the snow falls!