All babies are miracles. We hear that every day. Somehow, though, when it's your friend who delivers before her third trimester has started and her little girl makes it....Then, when your friend is pregnant a second time with similar high risk conditions present and delivers that baby a week PAST her due date? My heart skipped a beat when Laura told me she was pregnant for Baby #3 this summer and I immediately asked, "Is everything looking ok?" Grinning from ear to ear, Laura assured me that everything looked normal. Not her normal of high risk stuff. But actually, what normal should be. *exhale*

It is always an honor to document a baby's first days on earth, but then to add in his older siblings' stages of life now as the miracles that they are? Such a privilege. We started with Lydia (Ms. Pre-Third Trimester) and stealth Eli joined the mix (Mr. 41-Weeks). Then, we introduced Mr. Normal, aka Theodore. What a precious little bundle! 

We gave the siblings a break from the camera and just let Laura snuggle Baby Theo with her home's gorgeous window light and handsome husband, Cody.

While Theo needed a snack, we snapped some more of Eli & Lydia....

A few details...

This afternoon's shoot was aiming to be more of a "lifestyle" or rather, "posed lifestyle" shoot. Documenting her children where they are in life, what they love to play with and overall, an embracing of the chaos that is three children. After some furniture rearranging to maximize our window light, we just let the kids go...

Just a last few: 

Laura + Cody: Thank you so much for having me! It's an honor, truly, to photograph your adorable family and lovely home. It's encouraging to Gerard & I to do life alongside you and this parenting thing too. Laura, I still can't believe we've come from campouts in my front yard when we were tweens to having FIVE children between the two of us. So so thankful for you and your enduring friendship! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE. 

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