Whew! What a blustery day for this session! Abbey & Brandon were a new family to my  business in the Fall of 2014 when they were a family of three. Their session fell in November and poor Miss Evelyn was such a champ! Abbey was such a smart mama and brought along hot chocolate to be a part of their photos, but sometimes, not amount of hot cocoa will take the chill out of Iowa...We thought, surely an April session will be better! It was, no doubt, but brrrrrrr! Still chilly! 

Abbey & Brandon were determined to tough it out for a quick session and we knocked it out before either Evelyn or Kate started to shed a tear! Bonus points my girlies! 

We definitely couldn't have seen those cute 6 month old toes on Miss Kate in a November session, so surely, April did alright! 

After they bundled their Bundles of Joy into the van, we were able to highlight more of just Abbey & Brandon which we hadn't yet had time for in previous sessions. These two are quite special to me-who else brings their photographer a meaningful gift to their session!? It was so touching to me that in the midst of wrangling two Littles and preparing them for photos, that Abbey had the forethought to bring me something to commemorate, yet celebrate where Gerard & I are in our family's history. Plus, when Brandon shows up for family photos, he's all in and completely devoted to getting great shots of his sweet girls-all three of them. :)

Abbey + Brandon: You two are near and dear to me though we don't get nearly the amount of time together to visit as I'd like. Your girls are fantastic and I'm so excited that I get to watch them grow before my eyes and lens! Thank you so much for inviting me into a little part of your family, for your prayers and support, both professionally and personally. It means the world.

Blessings, (and next time, we'll have warmer weather!)


PS You can view more of our time together HERE