I have photographed her family more times than I can count on one hand, so when her boyfriend and her sister contacted me to photograph the moment her life would change, I was all in. Boyfriend Cory, wanted to propose to KayDee at one of her favorite shops in the Amana Colonies. Gerard & I spent our 5th anniversary exploring the different colonies that make up Amana proper, so when Cory mentioned KayDee's love of the Millstream Brewery, I knew exactly where I was headed. Set to arrive about 45 minutes before KayDee and her girls were, I had fun photographing some of the details of the area to help tell the story for them when they look back on this day in 50 years...

KayDee's brother-in-law got a text from her sister, Becky, saying they were about 10 minutes away supposedly continuing their Girls Day Out excursion and were set to stop at the Millstream to pick up some of KayDee's beloved root beer. I hopped back in my car to hide and make sure I had a great view of where Cory was set to go down on one knee. Gradually, KayDee realized what was happening as both sides of their family poured out of the brewery to watch the rest of their lives start. Together. 

Even the owner of the Millstream was on hand to congratulate the happy couple and I pulled them away from the group after a few minutes to get just a few of them together. We have a full-on engagement session planned for later this year, so these were just some quick snapshots to document the surprise of it all and excitement. 

Some details incorporating Millstream Brewery

KayDee & Cory: Congratulations you two!!! What an honor and how fun to be a part of the surprise and get to know the special man in your life, KayDee. Cory-I look forward to seeing more of you at the Cross' crazy family sessions!! Welcome to the group!!! I feel incredibly blessed to be a small part of this whole event and process that will lead you two down the aisle! 

Super pumped, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE