For a September newborn with her 3 month milestone photos also done inside, this 6 month spring session felt like a breath of fresh air! A warm and slightly breezy Saturday morning was such a welcome change to a couple of weekends ago and the trees and bulbs are beautifully in bloom-perfect timing for such a sweetie to explore her outdoor surroundings-Ellie was definitely up for some adventure and we had a wonderful time together with her parents, Andy & Stephanie. :) 

Ellie not only has a stork bite (birth mark on the back of her neck) but she's doubly blessed to have an angel's kiss on her forehead that I absolutely love. Another thing I love? Dads who grin this big for photos with their babes:

Some snuggles with Mama:

Steph + Andy: Your family is so so sweet! Ellie is so easy going and squeezable-she did fantastic! I'm so glad you were sent my way for photos. Excited to see you in the near future and beyond! :)


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE