I've had the pleasure of watching Roman grow in front of my camera and through hearing his Mama's stories about him at work. From newborn, to 6 month and now a year, Roman is a charmer but still completely attached to Deanne. Move along ladies, he's chosen his favorite. ;) 

It was so nice to be able to finally meet Roman's Dad, Bryan! I feel like I've known him awhile from Deanne's stories at school, but each of Roman's sessions happened while Bryan had work obligations. Finally, a weekend and we had everyone together! Here's Chloe, Corbin and Roman: 

While a head swap in Photoshop could be started, I wanted Deanne to see the initial takes from their session, and I have a hunch that Deanne will say, "That's Corbin alright." Gotta love 4 year old goofiness!! 

Bryan + Deanne: Bryan, it was so good to meet you!! Your kiddos are awesome little people and I thoroughly enjoy capturing them, goofy faces and everything. Seriously-you guys are great and I'm so thankful to work alongside Deanne and have a Mama-friend in the trenches with me! Best wishes for a strong end to the school year for you both and I'm sure I'll see (or hear about) you soon!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE