It's so hard to believe that the child of one of my first newborn sessions is now FIVE! I just sit and shake my head at the wonder of a little man Nolan's become. Rambunctious, intelligent, vivacious-so fun to photograph and it doesn't hurt that he has pretty cool parents too. ;) This year, Jason's parents and siblings wanted in on the fun, so while we waited for all necessary parties to gather, we started with Nolan and the two most important people in his world: Ann & Jason. 

Add to the party Jason's sister, Kylie, and brother, Ryan. Also, Jason's folks, Gail & Jim:

Just for Grandma and Grandpa & additionally, special photos with just Aunt Kylie & Uncle Ryan. These are some of the most genuinely fun smiles Nolan has shot my way!

Jason + Ann: Thank you so much for having me back on a yearly basis! It's so much fun to watch Nolan grow and thrive, not to mention the entertaining conversations we get to have. It was a pleasure to meet your extended family too! Enjoy your summer!!



PS You can view the remainder of our session together HERE