Laura & Billy are in the business of helping people. Laura through the medical field and Billy through the educational field. While their vocations may take them in separate directions, their gorgeous four daughters keep them hopping-together. I first met them when their littlest, Tess, was just days old and I can't believe how these girls have grown into Laura's very own clan of Little Women. They are absolute dears and wonderful to photograph. 

We started with a few individuals of each of the girls, then gathered them together and let them snuggle on each other as only sisters can. Here are Torie, Morgan, Violet and Tess. :)

Giving the girls a break, we focused on the the original lovebirds that started it all:

Then we split things up and put the girls with just Billy and then with just Laura. They have special circumstances that have allowed Laura's mom to live with them for a time and we added her to the mix to commemorate it.

Laura + Billy: Thank you so much for having me and for inviting me into a part of your lives! I love capturing the personalities of your girls and the way you interact together as a family. It's a pleasure and an honor to watch your beauties grow!


PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE