Their mom's email was the cutest thing as she described her identical twin sons who are embarking on their senior year at Roosevelt High School this fall. As a last clincher (as if I needed any further convincing to photograph them) she added that they both play tenor drums for Roosevelt's marching band. We met up at Greenwood Park to get the (tennis) ball rolling and had a blast with Sam & Tom taking turns in front of my lens. 

Tom first, then Sam in checkered...

I love the versatility of Greenwood Park, especially when photographing two at one time! 

After their quick change, Sam & Tom brought out their tennis rackets and tenor. It's so fun to incorporate a senior's interests and document where they are and what they're interested in at this point in their lives. Tom is on the left, Sam on the right:

After a quick change at their home between our locations, Sam & Tom donned their full tennis gear and we headed to the courts they frequent in Des Moines. When you start tennis later in high school and have a doubles record of 8-0 right off the bat, er, racket, it's well worth photographing! We did some creative things with their gear and then let them volley for a time while their mom, Beth, and I chatted about all sorts of things. What a wonderful evening shooting and getting to know new friends! 

Tom & Sam: It was such a pleasure photographing you and getting to know you both. I wish you the best of luck as you follow in Dad's footsteps, studying architecture at Iowa State. I pray you are able to have the other as a roommate too-I've heard it said that you'll never have another better roommate than your wombmate. :) 

Keep me posted on how your year goes!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE