Sarah and Brandon are the kind of people that you instantly feel at home with in conversation. It's almost a bond of Parenthood: talk about the challenges you face with your young children and you really can feel at home with just about anyone. Be it sleep deprivation commiseration, training and discipline tactics, or the first world problems of a prized balloon losing it's floating abilities and thus wrecking your child's day, Sarah and Brandon are there with you!

As I showed up to the park, their oldest, Claire, ran towards me and I love that about my families: even in fairly short interactions at a photo session, I get hugs, high 5's and held hands as we walk to the car during our times together. And in typical Sarah & Brandon fashion, I couldn't help but chuckle at their shirts (Brandon is from Kansas, if my memory serves me correctly...but if you believe Facebook, he's still in PA...) ;) 

I loved capturing Sarah & Claire's interaction surrounding their newest member, Cora. Perhaps it's because I'll be in the same boat in less than 8 weeks (eeks!) with Laidy, but the sweetness of a little girl looking at a baby is super precious to me...Then, I got to set about capturing the many faces of Claire: 

Outfit change and time with both girlies: 

Giving Ms. Claire a break, we got Brandon back in on the action. My favorite may be the third one down from here, especially poignant for Father's Day coming up!!

Sarah, you are such a beautiful Mama! I love the ones we got of you with your girls and the ones of snuggles with Brandon. 

Brandon, I'm glad Sarah has held you captive in the state of Iowa so we could meet and I can photograph your darling family! Best wishes in the Battle for Sleep, may the force be with you.

Blessings as you adjust to a family of FOUR!

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE