When the popcorn machine starts smoking while you're pumping in the concession stand and you start coughing/having a hard time breathing while there's a study hall full of students on the other side of the door listening...#youjusthavetolaughasyousputter

When a colleague or student says something that's reminiscent of a phrase from one of the books you've read your child 100s of times and you start to quote the book outloud....

When your husband with the self-proclaimed terrible memory reminds you that you have an anniversary coming up: the day he went down on one knee with a ring in hand. #heremembered...

When your daughter thanks you for the "new" bath toys that were really just found anew in the hall closet and brought out again. #freeentertainment

When that student you thought was dropping band changed her mind and decided to stay because she enjoys what happens in your classroom. 

When your 6 month old sleeps for 5 hours straight one night and SEVEN straight the next, and EIGHT a few nights later...and successfully sleeps for THREE hours in his crib!!! #getouttathebassinet

When your boss sends you an online survey to voice concerns about your job you've been wanting to express for YEARS...#canyouhearmenow?

These little things can make my heart laugh and lighten my spirit. But I also have to remember that ultimately, these are just superficial occurences. And while, yes, enjoyable, they are not the true source of my Joy. Christ is. So when these happy things come my way, I say a little "Thank you Lord!" and continue moving forward. He is in the big things of life and the littlest things.