Becky + Zac may be one of my top 5 families most photographed and posted on the blog! I'm thankful they treasure documenting their family's life, before they even had children, including their parents and siblings in the photos and continuing to do so after children as well. As if friendship with them isn't quite enough, I nap with the afghan Becky's mom made for our wedding (10 years ago!) and JoDee's banana bread recipe has made me famous in my own extended family & any potluck I bring it to. But I digress...

Becky + Zac welcomed another into their brood, and at just 4 days old, she already has Daddy wrapped around her finger. Er, maybe it's the other way around so she can suck on his finger...? :) Also, a slight aside, proof that this is Baby #3: Zac took the older two to the zoo so Baby and Mama could have a quiet house for photos. So we got a few of Zac first, Baby with kiddos and then they hustled out! 

This is real life folks. A quick grab-n-go kind of photo op with two rambunctious and on the move older siblings. Mom's hand is going to be in a few and that's. just. life! But the expressions on Johnny and Grace's faces are priceless:

*insert sigh of quiet and peace* Well, Ms. Izzy Dee is thinking about it...;)

Becky + Zac: Thanks again for having me into your home! I was so enthralled with Isabella that I didn't even get a tour of your new digs! Enjoy ALL the newness around you and in between, try to get some sleep! 

Love to you all, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.