When I found out that these two would be heading up our Music Boosters for the next couple of years, I was so excited for the opportunity to work with them! You've seen Paul's senior photos and their family photos here before, so before Paul went off to college for his (gasp!) sophomore year, Deanna wanted to update the frames at home. They are a family that verbally and physically reiterate their trust in me as their family photographer, so I took full advantage, took them all over Des Moines and made Trent act like a monkey for our first group shot: 

We have a few with sensitive eyes in this group so, not only did we need to find dark shade (at 9am) but I needed to find deep shade where I'd be in the shade too. What better than a bridge downtown? 

I've had the pleasure of seeing these boys in the band room on a regular basis, but now, Colin has moved on to the high school, so I've just got Trent. *whomp whomp* (j/k!! I get Trent!! whoohooo!! ;) ) He serenades us in the band room most mornings with his piano skills and best attempts at Billy Joel ballades. ;) 

Mark & Deanna: It is truly a pleasure to work with you, hang out with you and share a little bit of life with you in the midst of busy schedules. You both exude confidence and consideration of others and it's contagious to those around you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family's life and for raising such incredible young men. Your example is much appreciated to this Mama of Littles. :) 

Blessings on the start of the school year! 
PS You can view more of our time together HERE.