This story is common: a reserved and quiet student comes into my office and I watch them grow into a confident, mature, interesting young adults as they go through our high school music program. Rebecca is no different than that story, but it is still all her own. She's always possessed a kind of poise that you would expect of a ballerina, just without the pointe shoes. Crisp, responsible, with a clear vision for her future. I'm so excited to show you Rebecca's senior photos! 

I love it when my seniors are willing to tackle the water! Thanks Rebecca!!

As we were racing the sunset, we headed over to my favorite wall in Valley Junction and it worked so perfectly with Rebecca's outfits. Absolutely stunning!

Rebecca: I know you're going to succeed no matter what you aim to do. Know that we are rooting for you and want to know all about it when you come back to visit us! In the meantime, best of everything for your senior year!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.