Tess the Tender Hearted. As a 6th grader, she was desperately missing her older sister serving in the military overseas and tears fell during some of her first lessons with me. Oh how I could relate! My sister was serving too and I hoped that I had said the right things to Tess to help her feel better that day. As a trumpet player, there were times I wasn't sure if Tess' tenderness would allow her to be successful in her section. But man, this is one time I'm so glad I'm proven wrong! Not only has Tess' tenderness served her well, but she's now leading the marching band as Drum Major. And thanks to her, Adelaide wants to be a Grandma and a Drum Major when she grows up! :) 

If Adelaide as my source of information is correct, Tess has had a rough week, so I'm hopeful that these will cheer her up! 

Just across the street for a different view, and the middle of the street for some risk-taking: 

Our light was getting limited and there was a huge festival in Waterworks this particular night, so we raced into the park and spotted the perfect place to leverage our sunset and capture some stunning final images!

Tess: Thank you so much for taking risks with me since 6th grade! Thank you for trusting me and having fun along the way. Your tender heart will serve you and others so well and I'm excited to hear of your adventures after high school! Enjoy all that your senior year has to offer! 



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.