I still can't believe this day happened! Jen and Jacob's engagement session was an adventurous one and I didn't realize this until I was driving home after the reception, but they were in a river bed for their engagement photos AND their wedding photos! :) I'm so thankful for their trust and willing spirits! The night before their wedding day, the wind howled outside with hail/rain/sleet. I fell asleep so worried about giving them outdoor photos but God had us covered! There was a break in the precipitation right when we needed it for their First Look and bridal party photos and we could handle the mist that fell during their "sunset portraits". You wouldn't know that it was in the 30's and windy-Jen, Jacob and their crew of closest friends were such great sports and they ran the whole day on time like clock work. 

I have the best brides ever, guys. They're just amazing. Check out Jen & Jacob's day!

It struck me as Jen was getting ready that she had a different person help her with each step of the way. Her step-Mom and mother-in-law helped with her dress buttons, her matrons of honor helped with her jewelry, her step-mom with her earrings. Jen was very intentional about having a moment with each of the special ladies in her life and requested an image with quite possibly the most important lady in her life who is no longer physically with us: her mom. Jen has a framed portrait of her mom on her wedding day and wanted a picture of her holding the frame. It reinforced to me the importance of what we do as photographers-what a legacy and memory to hold on to on such a pivotal day of Jen's life. 

It pays to scout out a location before you start shooting with anybody. We were originally slated to do their First Look at Waterworks Park, but as I drove by it, with the extended winter we've been having, not a single tree was in bloom yet. So, I scouted out our spot for the portraits we wanted to do prior to the reception. Bingo! We could make it work and it was closer to our ceremony venue anyway. Win-win!

Jen & Jacob have some very close friends in their lives who have adorable children that could serve as ring bearers (or rather, sign-bearers) and flower girls. These munchkins did so well! Additionally, Jen & Jacob used the Bible verse about it being difficult to break a rope of three cords and braided a rope in the shape of a cross in lieu of their unity candle. After their ceremony was complete and they were officially hitched, we headed right back to Colby Park and despite the mist that was coming down pretty heavily, we nailed some great portraits in less than 5 minutes that don't portray any of that precipitation! I'm so pleased with how well that spot worked in our favor! 

On to the reception! A little backstory from a business perspective: I have been longing for a light set up that was easy to carry in and out of the venue, easy to manipulate from my camera and get great shots in low light receptions. Finally, FINALLY(!) Sarah and I figured it out in the week leading up to Jen's wedding and I couldn't be more proud of our results from this evening! (And I had to include a photo of Jen's Dad and step-Mom dancing, aren't they a hoot?!)

Jen + Jacob: Thank you so much for having me (& Sarah) out to document your beautiful day! You wouldn't know it by your images that it was drizzly, cold and damp. The love you share gave me warm fuzzies while we were dodging the misty raindrops. I love how you did different things to honor your mom, Jen, and that even after photographing 45+ weddings, there are still different ways to tie the knot-all uniquely your own. 

Blessings as you start your lives together, 


PS You can view more of their day HERE and their wedding video slideshow HERE