I have photographed this sweet girl since she was in elementary school and she had just 3 younger siblings. She now has 4 coming up behind her and Madi is entering her senior year this fall. I had the immense pleasure of teaching her for three years in the band department and the Sweet sense of humor runs deep. Most every lesson had me laughing and her wit and snark. Her photo session was no different as I think you’ll be able to tell….

A quick outfit change and we gathered her “prop” in the meantime. I love how the yellow pops off her pink dress!

We headed down to the water where, lo and behold, that three is still there!! But first, the dandelion challenge for the flute player’s embouchure….;)

Madi, thank you SO much for your bravery to get in the water when the water levels were much higher than normal! You are amazing and I’m so grateful for you!

I have a hunch that this senior class is going to be even harder to say goodbye to than last year’s! Madi-you are a blessing to all who know you and I’m sure that your wit and smarts will take you far in life. Don’t venture too far, we have family photos yet to take this summer too, and probably most summers after this one. You’ve got the best cheering fan base a girl could ask for as you go off on your new adventure after senior year!

All the best,

Mrs. K