Oh these girls are so sweet! Full of energy, loving and at, times, lending a hand to a sister, they are a joy to photograph. Every time I see this family, I’m in awe of how it’s so abundantly clear that their Mama, Leah, was meant to be a Mommy. Her patience, tenderness and grace comes in waves towards them and I find myself slightly jealous of her deep well of these attributes that Motherhood demands! Neil is such a hands-on Dad and helps in every way possible for the success of our time together. I think we both worked up a sweat getting this one completed!

I can only imagine the camaraderie these girls will have as they get older! (and potentially, what kind of mischief they might get in now!) ;) I include some of their bloopers because they’re just too real-life to pass by!

To keep the energy going even while the sun was starting to scorch, we went on a “Treasure Hunt”to walk the bike trail a little ways for some shade options…Sedelle loved the idea and fully embraced the adventure, but I love the black & white image below possibly the most of this entire session, because it shows Motherhood to me: Dad running with the older kiddos and Mama pulling up the rear with a baby in tow, making sure everything is caught up in her net while we go for safe-keeping.

That last image above? Sedelle is telling Daddy her secret that photos are almost over! (Trick #386: to get a child on your side during a family photo session, tell them you have a secret or surprise just for them when the session is over and it’s like you have an instant bond for life!)

Leah & Neil: Thank you so much for an amazing morning! Your girls are such a joy and I love catching up and visiting with the both of you in the midst of the crazy. I’m so thankful for your support of this business of mine-you are the best!


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.