If I were to link all the photo sessions we’ve done together with this family, we’d be here all morning! Suffice it to say, I have had the joy of photographing Nick + Elaine since their oldest was able to fit inside a very small Christmas present box under the tree and he’s now entering 6th grade! One of my clients has asked me this summer if I’ve run out of places to shoot sessions and I’m so thankful that I haven’t! Thank you, Elaine for offering a new twist on Easter Lake Park-our family even used the bike trail the next day and LOVED it. There, the secret is out. Hopefully, this park doesn’t become the next Waterworks that is crowded with photographers all the time! In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our time together:

The 6th grader may not want to hold hands anymore, but Brecker (the 2nd grader) will still cuddle up to mom or dad!

Ever since they’ve been able to climb, our sessions have involved a “tree photo” of some kind. This is a new twist on that idea this year too:

Nick + Elaine: Thank you so much for all the prep work you do for these sessions to be a success. From clothing choices to location scouting and arriving on time. I’m so thankful for your family and that I get to work alongside two amazing educators to boot! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


PS You can view the remainder of our time together HERE.