Well, I wouldn't say that I make resolutions in January. I make goals in November or December so I have a clear cut path to success and having my proverbial ducks in a row right when the year starts-not just for our house and my photography business, but for me personally as well. Here's how it went! (If it's crossed out, consider it done or in the process of ...)
1. Prayer warrior-hard to define, but try to make prayer a larger part of my life. (Only God knows how well I did.)
2. Invest in deeper relationships
3. Call Katie more often-having Katie be pregnant and subsequently deliver our first niece made this one a piece of cake!
4. Send a care package to Eric in Afghanistan.
5. Pray for: safety, leaders, military, Gerard, healing/good health
6. Make exercise 3x's a week (whoopsy!)
7. Invest in a camera body (D90)
8. Invest in a better lens (50mm 1.8; 18-105mm, 3.5-5.6)
9. Commit God's word to memory (working on one verse a month)
10. Give myself grace (like when I don't achieve a goal, don't beat myself up for it...)
11. Invest in home improvements:
       a. shutters new color-when we installed new windows, we took the opportunity to spray a new color on the shutters too.
       b. gutter covers
       c. new windows (see above photos)
       d. insulate attic & crawl space
       e. hedges to border fenceline
       f. landscape water pump
       g. trim trees well
       h. new deck (see this post for photos)
       i.  landscaping around AC unit
       j. re-bath tub and sink unit
       k. arch for Boston ivy
12. increase photography income by 50% (praise the Lord for provision!)
13. cut coupons (we've saved over $600!!)
14. truckload to Goodwill
15. be on top of birthday cards/anniversaries
16. purge the clothes I don't wear
17. HEAL (more on this in the months to come)
18. shoot 4 weddings for pay (honored to shoot 6 for some amazing couples!!)
19. attend 2 concerts at the Civic Center (7.1 Pops Concert)
20. attend Drake Wind Symphony concert (5.10)
21. Go to Farmer's Market 3 times (10.7 World Food Festival, otherwise utter FAIL!)
22. go garage sale-ing 3 times
24. print business cards professionally (you'll be seeing these beauties in your CD of images after your session)
25. buy a Shootsac bag
26. attend a Jasmine Star workshop (CreativeLive!!)
27. do an entire shoot in manual (since CreativeLive in August, all my shoots have been in manual)
28. get 10 new recipes down pat
29. travel somewhere new
30. Scrapbook said Italy trip
First goal of 2011 completed:
1. Thank Yous professionally printed

The remaining goals of 2011 will be forthcoming...

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