Erin and I are fraternity sisters. Yes, I know that sounds contradictory at best, but our Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity was for women interested in music at Drake University. I honestly don't know if I'd be friends with Erin outside of the music department in our 4 years together, but now that we no longer have that tie, I'm glad we're still tied together. Erin married Carl two weeks before I married Gerard and we've followed each others lives either through Facebook or mutual friends. Ironically, of those friends, Erin and I are the only ones who remain in Des Moines. So, naturally, she'd call me for photos of their adorably chunky boy, Zachary. (**disclaimer: Erin, I totally realize you have oodles of choice of photographers and I'm so honored that you choose me!**)

Now that Des Moines has been hit with its first snow fall of the season, these pictures look incredibly warm, especially for a November shoot as the sun went down. I'd call it a wonderfully "clean" shoot. We used our time and lighting resources really well and Baby Zachy did an outstanding job of smiling-especially when Carl made his appearance. While we waited for Carl to get off work, we did Mommy and Me shots...
We got Daddy in the mix....

And then headed over to a spot that Erin suggested that I had never used. And I definitely want to use it again!
My personal favorite:
Erin married into a Green Bay Packers fan-m-ily and we had to show the true "Cheese Head" pride. Left picture is the "before" and right picture is the "after".
Erin, Thank you so much for letting me in on your family life and life in general! I'm so glad we've continued our friendship beyond music at Drake and thank you for introducing me to a great spot in Des Moines for a photo op. Here's looking forward to spring photos of Baby Zach and many years of friendship to come!
Many Blessings,