I first met Jessica and Tim while my head was still spinning. I had met all of Gerard's side of the family, (And by "all", I mean extended aunts and uncles that Gerard sees maybe once every 10 years.) and was then whisked to Jessica's house to meet his bestest friends from high school. I didn't even feel like the newbie-Jessica, ever the hostess, got me my drink, my seat and fed me fun tidbits of what my new boyfriend had been like in high school, with a side of scrumptious hot dogs and potato chips.

These kinds of friends are why I SOOOOO love where I live. Iowans have this "Make yourself at home and feel free to take anything out of the fridge while you're at it" approach to life that makes me want to wrap my arms around the whole state, from the Mississippi to the Missouri Rivers. Jessica's husband, Tim, and I even jokingly commiserated that night over being the "out laws" of the group because we didn't feel like out-laws at all. We were family to everyone in the house and I didn't even have a ring on my finger yet.

All that to say, I'm so thankful and feel so privileged that Jessica & Tim have welcomed me into their family by trusting me with their family photos not just ONCE, but now, twice, with the addition of Colton to their brood. What a cutie-pa-tooty!

Ms. Blair is such a fantastic older sister. She certainly knows how to entertain Colton and make him laugh!
You know those celebrity magazine covers that highlight a newborn with the celebrity couple all cozy on the bed spread? That's the look I was going for here-I think my celebrities are among the most gorgeous couples out there. Eat your heart out Brangelina. ;)

While Colton ate lunch, the girls climbed up for some cuddle time with Dad. I love Tim's expression here--he knows he's still totally outnumbered in the Hibbing household. Boys: 2, Girls: 3.

Oh, London, your spunk is so fun to capture!
Tim, Jessica, Girls and Colton-Thank you so much for the fun challenge of photographing your beautiful family. I love that it gives us an excuse to see one another more often. Someday your kids will know me not just as "the woman with the black thing in front of her face all the time"! You guys are such a blessing to us and we are so thankful for you all.
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