How can I get his attention? Megan tried and tried to think of ways to get in Jeremy's view finder while they were working overseas with Camp Adventure, a study abroad program through Univ. of Northern Iowa.  Several opportunities came and went and finally, Megan had to take things into her own hands. They "bumped" into each other at a cancer fundraiser and each were smitten. Needless to say, the view they both found in the other was nothing short of perfection.

The view I found on their wedding was nothing short of perfection as well. When a gorgeous church came into my view while following my new friend, Jane, I said outloud (as if she could hear me down the street in her own car) Please turn here! I really want to photograph that church. Please let that be their church! And as if she had heard me down the street in her own car, her turn signal went on and she turned! Voila-one of the most gorgeous places for a First Look. But I get ahead of myself...

I have become so accustomed to working with Justin, that he takes the groomsmen and I take care of the bride and her ladies, this was a great opportunity for me to photograph the guys. After a few detail shots of flowers, I hustled to get a few of Megan's dress.
In the few minutes it took me to take those shots, the guys were already dressed and upstairs. Do I need to mention that the lighting in this church was fantastic with those floor to ceiling stained glass windows?
I saw this gorgeous gal following the groomsmen around and I thought she was one of Megan's personal attendants assigned to keeping the guys on time. Then, as I was taking the groomsmen shots, she gets in one of them! Now THAT'S a vivavious, confident gal. I thought. But, oh! Wait! She's a groomswoman! What fun to document something totally different that I thought only existed in movies. Lindsay, you are absolutely lovely.
We tucked the bridal party away to allow Megan & Jeremy a moment together for their first look. As Megan made her way up the stairs, she hesitated for a moment and looked through the doors' windows. Uh, can you tell them to go away? The groomsmens' faces were jokingly plastered to the door to get a glimpse of Jeremy at his tenderest: seeing his bride for the first time. (And yes, we made the bridal party go away. :) )
I realize I went a little "collage happy" on this post, but there were so many photos I wanted to show you in one post that this was the best way to go about it. Mea culpa.
Here are the columns I as talking about that made me wish and hope that this was their church. I felt like I was either at Wheaton College or somewhere in the deep South.
Megan, you're simply gorgeous. Seriously.
As a second shooter, I'm getting more and more comfortable being in a different place than my first shooter to get a different angle or shot to diversify the wedding portfolio. I love doing shots like this because it gets all the little details you know the bride thought about a lot. The bouquet, the boutineer, the groom's tie and hankie color, her dress & veil (obviously), her nails, and jewelry.
You know that 6-degrees-of-separation idea? Well, track with me on this one. I lived with a gal named Cari in college. Her brother, Mike, married Jenny. Jenny is Megan's sister. Ergo, Cari & her husband Tony, came to the wedding and I got to visit with the whole family! Were you able to follow that? :)
This wedding was a lot of firsts, first time working with Jane, first time with the groomsmen, and first time photographing a Catholic wedding. I had a great time up in the organ loft!
After the ceremony, Megan & Jeremy wanted some more relaxed photos and when they mean relaxed, they mean bust-out-the-bubbly-type photos.
Every girl wants to twirl in her big white dress right? Jeremy indulged Megan multiple times for just that.
Megan & Jeremy lovingly got each other while feeding the other cake; notice how covered Megan's fingers are and some frosting on Jeremy's coat. ;)
Megan & Jeremy-thank you so much for letting Jane and me be a part of your day. You graciously let me into your family and try a whole slew of things without blinking twice. I think our results show your love for one another in a candid, true way. What a joy you were to capture in my own view finder. Thank you and many blessings,

Here are a few extra details of their day: (side note: the beersteins are from their many trips overseas with Camp Adventure!)
You can view the rest of their story and images over on Jane's site HERE.

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