Remember the summer when...

*you facilitated a Bible study on the book of Esther and Lord willing, lives were changed

*you went to the State Fair to see cousins compete

*your marriage got stronger because of some breakthroughs

*both you and Gerard got some serious hard labor in on house projects (I promise "After shots" are forthcoming!)

*but, in the midst of that hard work, you did get some time away and alone, just the two of you

*you photographed two weddings in the same weekend on back to back days and your back did really well

*you grew stuff in the garden that Gerard can eat a la Goals for 2011

*you were able to visit family members if just for a short while (Mom and Aunt Laurie in Cincy, all of Gerard's family in the QC, Dad in New Providence...)

So, when you think this summer went by too fast and you didn't get much work done, remember the accomplishments, projects completed, quality time with family, and maybe you'll feel a little bit better about starting the school year...

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