So, I've shown you the windows hanging in our kitchen. I've shown you our Advent Calender and Christmas decor, all the while hinting at a project that was continuously in the drying stage. On a whim, I started subscribing to a blog called "How Does She Do It?" that held numurous crafting ideas. The ideas come via email and if I don't connect with any or see how I could use that idea in the future, then I just delete! So far, I haven't hit that key! I'd heard of chalkboard paint from another crafting DIY mom, but before this one particular email, I'd never heard of MAGNETIC paint. Oh, sweetbabyJesus, what an IDEA!

I've got two pieces of wall art that a friend gave me at least a year ago, waiting to see how I would use them in our office. Redecorating the office was such a feat this summer and I was so sick of painting that I let the creative juices marinate, and thus multiply, for a little while. When I saw the magnetic paint idea, the chalkboard idea started sizzling too and I started hunting for my materials at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.
The chalkboard took three coats to get it the smoothness and evenness that I wanted.
And I found a great spot for it in the office. Because our office also has a bookshelf full of the books I read while my age was still in the single digits, I figure this can be a play room for any kiddos that visit while their parents visit with Gerard and I. So, the chalkboard is going at a shorter height so that any age can play and doodle.
The magnetic board took roughly 6-7 coats of the magnetic paint primer, mostly because I wanted to make sure that once I painted over it in yellow, it'd still be strong enough with the magnets we Gerard found at Menard's. These magnets are great for kiddos too because they're in different shapes so it can be a geometry lesson! (always the teacher aren't I?)  Now, the magnetic paint asks for an hour in between each coat and then 24 hours before you add a colored coat. Now you can see why this project was continually in the "drying" stage! (And we were continually eating while standing up...)
I liked that the primer was actually a shade of grey to give it a contrast to the grey wall it would hang on. So, I kept the border roughly grey if not distressed with some yellow. Mostly, from me not caring if my brush hit the edges or not...

Finally-TA DA!

It won't be as short on the wall as the chalkboard, but really, if a little one is playing with magnets, I imagine an adult would want to be around anyway...So they can be lifted up to play with them, or we can just take it off the wall for a little bit. Once we get just ONE more hook to put it up...
In the picture above, I couldn't think of a better seque if you look what I'm testing that magnet post: our Christmas card reveal! :)

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