Jennifer's gorgeous green eyes and single cheek dimple entered my home for a Pampered Chef party. I figured she might be the kind of person that just flits through your life for a moment and maybe never see again (though I wasn't hoping for that to happen!). She and her fiance visited our church service and when I heard the magic word "fiance", I tried to "casually" slip into the conversation that I was a photographer. When Jen responded that she was too, I ate my words and gulped hard because I figured there was NO WAY a fellow photog would hire me to do her wedding. Their date was set for Sept. 22nd and I, again, figured I'd never see her nor Jason again once they walked out the door after church.

Boy, was I WRONG!

I got an email from Jen just a few weeks ago that described a story only found in God's Plan. She & Jason had just happened  to be driving through a neighborhood that just happened  to have a house with a FOR SALE sign in the yard that just happened  to be in their price range. They just happened to put in an offer for it and they just happened to have found themselves a new home 6 months before they were set to be married. WHOOPS?

Not wanting to live together before they were officially Mr. & Mrs., they naturally moved their date up, making sure that immediate family was able to attend. It just so happened that everyone was available and it just so happened that Jen and Jason appreciated my work and was hoping I was available too. I just happened to be free myself!

I've never been more glad to be wrong.

And because Jen & I have a love for photography & teaching I thought I could combine the two in this post until I finish all of their images. The weekend of their wedding, I attended my second online seminar for the year at on posing and I had some ideas up my sleeve that I wanted to try out on the happy couple. (They didn't know they were my "guinea pigs" but they do now!)

On the right, my inspiration and on the left, an inspiring bride:

Again, inspiration on the right, idea come to life on the left:
Idea realized:
Idea: No, this wasn't a wedding party, but it showed that you don't have to have everyone just "line up". It gave a casual vibe but everyone was still in tight and looked like they were having a good time.
Idea come to life: No, this isn't exactly to the "T" of the above photo, but I was trying for something different that I'd never done before instead of having the bridal party just "line up".
Idea realized:
Idea realized:
This one might be my favorite realized idea: (Jen's on the right....) :)

Hopefully, this gives you an idea (as if I haven't used that word in this post enough already) of how looking at poses in any situation can be added to your "tool belt". A little inspiration goes a long way and you can always tweak it as different circumstances arise. 

I'm so excited to really dig into Jen & Jason's wedding photos more thoroughly to show you all the fun details and sweet moments of their special day! Stay tuned.