"He sits!"

I exclaimed when I presented Jaxon with a a bench just his size and he contentedly found a seat. Approximately a year ago, he did just about everything but hold still--the consummate Mover & Shaker. While Jaxon was still very interested in his surroundings, this year, he took more time to study the things around him.

Going into a shoot, I generally bring a few goals to accomplish with each client. Melissa came with at least one goal of her own that I heard about that afternoon: a family photo of them walking.

We moved to a different trail in Racoon River Park area and I loved the way the sun reflected light off the white gravel of the path.

As a reward for such a job well done, we went down to the beach and Jaxon practiced his throws. At first, he started with an over hand throw technique, but as Kevin worked on skipping stones, Jaxon started slinging rocks sideways. It was such a cool observation at how Little Ones can pick up on the littlest things. Speaking of observing little things, check out Ava's expression in the water as Jaxon makes a throw. Those perky ears are definitely looking out for flying rocks!

Melissa & Kevin-Thank you so much for having me again! Jaxon is so much fun to watch and he's grown so much! Ava is a hoot and does so well with the camera-I'll be sure to bring treats next time. Thanks again and many blessings,


PS You can view the rest of our time together