She was a student at AIB. He went to Simpson. They had each accompanied members of their sorority/fraternity to a local bar and that's when he saw her from across the room. After a few drinks, he asked her to dance, she said yes and a couple years later, she said yes again to his marriage proposal.

35 years ago, on June 11th, Paula said yes to Tom at the altar and this year, on June 11th, Tom agreed to have his picture taken. Originally, this session was just going to be headshots for Paula and her business, but once she batted those eyelashes and used her skills of persuasion, it became an Anniversary session/present.

We met at the Walnut Woods Lodge on an absolutely perfect Iowa summer day: slight breeze, no humidity, gorgeous lighting...all the makings of a fun time-especially when Paula's Sassy-ness makes an appearance...

Paula, you really are gorgeous!

Paula & Tom: You guys were so fun to work with and are such a beautiful couple. 35 years of marriage looks fantastic on you both. Congratulations and well done-what an accomplishment! Here's to many more-



PS. You can view more of our session