1. Educate myself more on photography.




1. Baby Photography with Sandy Puc

2. Posing Masterclass with Bambi Cantrell

3. Submissions for Magazines & Blogs with Jasmine Star

4. Marketing to Moms with Jules & Joy Bianchi

5. Lightroom 4 Workflow with Jared Platt

6. Work, Life, Balance with Tamara Lackey

7. Sales, Sales, Sales with Tamara Lackey

8. Taking Care of Business with Tamara Lackey

9. Senior Portrait Photography with Salvatore Cincotta


-The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman.

-The Sandy Puc` Guide to Children's Portrait Photography.

-The Art of Children's Portrait Photography by Tamara Lackey.

-Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh


-Mamarazzi by Stacy Wasmuth

-Photoshop/Lightroom (rewatch) from



Create 2011 Portfolio album

-this beauty has already been on display when we did

Upwards Sports

photos for our


--it gave parents something to thumb through while waiting for their child to be done. Yay for free PR!


Have new Thank You postcards printed.


Drop business cards more often (use them up!)

-every chance I get! I'm even mailing a couple dozen to those who are my biggest fans and refer-ers. :)


Find 3 new places to shoot.

-iKonix studio in East Village 2.25.12


Jen + Jason's backyard for their 3.18.12 wedding!

-Lauren & Shawn 5.19.12-Park across from Waveland Golf Course


Jason + Ann 5.26.12 Urbandale Walnut Ridge Park

-Bobi Jo + Don 5.28.12 South & East side of the Capitol Building

-Melissa + Kevin 6.9.12 Raccoon River Park Trails


John + Rosemary 7.14.12 their backyard


Kottra Senior photos-Ankeny auditorium and practice field

-Sheely Senior photos-Grey's Lake Event parking field


Look into a website or blogsite option.


I've finished going through a handbook that Zenfolio sent to their customers in how to improve their websites. Every other day or so this summer, I went through one or two pages, seeing how I wanted to integrate those suggestions into my site. I think the next step is to employ a friend of mine for further building.

Health & Personal

7. Continue to commit scripture to memory.


Keep exercising 3 times a week.

-I mentioned on the previous Grade Report that we were considering the gym that shares a parking lot with our church's new building. We jumped off the deep end, made room in the budget, (along with getting a great deal), and I've been meeting with a personal trainer two times a week to gain muscle mass and get fit. Working out with someone who's there pushing you and counting the reps alongside you is totally different than muddling through it on my own. We're trying this out for 6 months and we'll re-evaluate at that point.

Tuesday-with Patrick the Trainer

Thursday-with Patrick the Trainer

Saturday-assignment from Patrick the Trainer on my own.



-an impending dental appointment is up-ing the motivation...

10. Stand up straight!

-work in progress

11. GREET GERARD AT THE DOOR WHEN HE COMES HOME. (Be a better cheerleader-even if that means going out and buying a pleated skirt and pom-poms.)

-getting better


Grow what Gerard will eat in the garden

-Due to the



insane heat we've experienced this summer, I've given up hope of having any results from my garden. Cucumbers were toast. Tomatoes were there, but not turning red. Pumpkin vines were split apart from lack of water. . . The sunflowers were the only "sunny" thing going on in there unfortunately...I've pulled everything up and put in 20 gallons of rabbit poop with the hope that next year will be better.


Keep adding dairy back into my diet

-The main change since the last grade report is that I am no longer anxious about eating at a friend's house or eating out wondering "if", or needing to tell them "no dairy". It's a dose of Freedom that I'm wholeheartedly enjoying.



Sell office furniture via

Craigs List or



Purge unnecessary items. If it's not beautiful, I don't love it, nor have used it in the past 2 years, it's outta here!

(Goodwill has gotten to know me well this year. 7 trips and counting...)

-I then went shopping at a Goodwill with a girlfriend of mine and found some stellar deals. I definitely didn't replace what I had donated-that would've made me feel disgusted-but I did find a prop for photo shoots and some tops for work. Win-win.


Move more trellis to raspberry bush (it's steadily taking over it's little corner of the yard!)

17. For our home this year, the name of the game is STORAGE. In the garage,

in the basement

, in the shed,

in our closets

. Organized, clean and logical.

-A friend from church helped us construct shelving for our

basement storage area

!! TOTAL: $50.

-If you've been following our progress on this one on Facebook, especially Gerard's status updates, you will note that this involved tearing down drywall to widen the door opening to each closet (master & guest), re-drywalling, painting (both rooms and the inside of each closet), hanging new doors AND THEN the closet system. My father-in-law was once employed by a closet system company and he has gone through all the designing, measuring, & installing with us.

This puppy is wrapped up!


White trim upstairs (door jams and windows)

-HUZZAH!! With new trim around the doors of the closets, what HAD to happen? That's right folks-give your husband over to a project that's on the top of his list and you just might get part of a dream of your's to happen too, at least in each room-no change to the hallway at this point.  But I'm calling this goal DONE, for now. :)


Paint/seal deck

-this was Gerard's pet project for the summer and is DONE!! You can see images in his

grad party photos



. New doors for our upstairs rooms-they're beat up, hollow, and spakled with paint from when this was a foreclosure...

-With all the coats of white paint Gerard was applying to our trim in each room, he also added a dose of fresh paint to the doors. Looks much better for now and was mighty kind to our wallet! :)


. Landscape north side of house very, very simply with low, low maintenance plants.

-grass is seeded. Aaaaannnnnd end scene. :)


Redecorate basement desk area to be more conducive to productive work. (See

The Plan

for 'before' photos,


for 'progress' photos, and


for 'current after' photos.)

-to keep track of my photography clients and my workflow, I've added some office organization to my wall that has really come in handy!


Paint kitchen island white.



for the transformation.

24. Plant more bulbs in the fall: hyacinths, daffodils and let's try iris if possible...

In the past I've tried to make seeing professional grade concerts and going to farmer's markets goals and it's never happened to the degree I'd like. So this year, I just want to get out of the house and take advantage of what Des Moines has to offer more often.

-we've actually made it to a

Drake Wind Symphony

concert. These ears are very happy!

-a colleague's son held a

senior recital

in our school's new auditiorium that lasted 2 hours. Two hours full of incredible almost professional-grade violin playing? yes please!

-we went to

Valley Junction Farmer's Market

several Thursday evenings because our church had a booth there for this summer. :) Ella loved meeting new pups and getting extra lovin'.


Music Boosters

group in Norwalk is absolutely stellar. We have the incredible opportunity to host the a capella group

Tonic Sol-Fa

on Sept. 29th. Our toes are sure to be tapping for quite awhile post performance.

-As our birthday gifts this year, my parents have opted to let us pick a performance we wish to go to and they'll cover the ticket cost. Performance choice?

Les Miserables

at the Des Moines Civic Center

. This is a little girl's dream come true since I first heard the soundtrack around age 7. As of Oct. 3rd, we'll have one fewer thing on my 'Bucket List'. Thanks Mom & Dad!!



photograph 4 weddings


Jen + Jason 3.18.12


Aimee + Troy 6.2.12

-Phitsamai + Evan 8.18.12

-Sara + Sam 9.22.12 (photos forthcoming!)


increase income after expenses by 10%.


photograph 4 new families

-Laura + Will 4.1.12

-Jill + Glen :: Nora & Lily 5.5.12

-Bobi Jo + Don 5.28.12

-Paula + Tom 6.11.12

-Judy + Greg 7.21.12

-Dave + Annette 8.6.12


Rod + Nanette 9.12.12


Lori + Gerry 9.21.12


photograph 2 seniors.





decide whether I want to invest in a 70-200 2.8 or a 35mm 1.8. Both? Neither? Is what I have currently doing the job I want to do?

-she's here! We found a great deal on a Nikon 70-200 2.8. And because of God's great provision, it didn't shoot Desire #2 in the foot. :) Now, I feel like since I've referred to It as a "she" and it weighs about 3lbs...,


she should have a name. Any suggestions?