Daughter in a car accident, all the photography equipment back ups in that same car, iPhone in the same car, second shooter's camera batteries (including backups) are all dead...and yet,


handled it as calmly as I've ever seen anyone under that much stress! Talk about grace under pressure.

"I met her online". and before this experience, I've always been a little wary and inwardly cringe when I hear someone else say that.

We were both taking a FREE online course taught by the lovely

Jasmine Star

and as with all


classes, there is an adjoining chat room full of those in the photography community. I randomly decided to pose the question, "Any Iowans in here?" And Jane enthusiastically responded. And in response to my 2nd question of if she needed a second shooter for any weddings coming up, she responded YES just as enthusiastically.

And thus, a friendship was born.

A wonderful partnership really-we've now

photographed three

weddings together and have averted disasters (all listed above) but

worked together

with the common goal of documenting the bride's day in the best way we know how. When all of my batteries died, Jane graciously let me use her spare camera body and I learned how to work a Canon (being a Nikon girl, myself) on the fly. When I booked a wedding of my own, she rejoiced with me in my success. She trusts me to get the detail shots and gives me room to try my own creative ideas with the bride and groom. That kind of freedom and trust is priceless.

So, Jane, thank you for your trust, encouragement and for having me back. I'm so excited for the  weddings we have together this fall and next year!