They met in the restaurant business of Des Moines and started cooking up something of their own outside of the kitchen.  Subsequently, they had to find differing jobs but maintained the same recipe for their relationship. Despite an age gap that is unusual to most, Jim & Brittany are natural, fun, quirky and flirtatous in front of my camera and we had a blast last week. We took full advantage of the gorgeous colors, not to mention Jim's gorgeous bride. :)

You would think these two considered posing in front of the camera "old hat", because they were that comfortable in front of my shutter-either they were really comfortable, or they're really good at acting...:) I love that, above all, they trusted me and were willing to try anything I threw at them.

Seriously Brittany? Are you sure you were never a model? :) 

 This was as serious as they could muster and then it was all laughter the rest of our time together.

 I'll finish with this one of the outright fun we had. Brittany, try as she might, couldn't keep a straight face-she was just too happy to be with Jim.

Jim & Brittany-Thank you so much for an awesomely fun time together. You guys rocked it and these photos, I hope, rock your socks off. Enjoy the remaining time of your engagement and many blessings on your marriage!



PS You can view the rest of our time together