Children constantly amaze me. Their resilience and trust is an example of such child-like faith. This session, with Tracy's kiddos started with her youngest clasping my hands as if to say, "Lead on! Let's go have fun!" Meria was wrapped around my finger with just the effort of a simple introduction and a look at my LCD screen. What! Bliss!

Meet Lucy, Meria, John & Izzy:


After getting great group shots of differing backdrops, we went for individual portraits. Meria was up first and I loved the first expression she gave me (left). I can't wait to meet the 16 yr-old Meria!




While each child had their individual time, the other three had a nice face-break. Then it was back to a few more groupings to round out our time together.

These four were such great troopers and always looking out for Meria. While walking or running towards me, they made sure to only run as fast as Meria could go, which was a suprisingly quick pace!

One last huge grin to top it all off:

Tracy, Izzy, John, Lucy, & Meria: Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon filled with giggles and fish faces. You guys were so willing to try anything and following directions so well!! I look forward to seeing you in front of my camera (if not somewhere else in town) soon!

Many blessings,


PS You can view the rest of our session time