I consider myself incredibly fortunate to get to do what I love and even more blessed to actually get


to do so. The families that I have photographed the past several years have become my biggest cheerleaders, staunchest supporters and trusting friends.

When I look at what these fathers have in common, they are all incredible men. They work hard throughout the week, come home and love on their children, support and love their wife and they are wonderful assistants to me while on a photo shoot. Whether it's wrapping up a quick diaper change, providing endless silly faces so that their children will crack a smile, or carrying and adjusting props & chairs for me, they're just as committed to good family photos as their wife is.

And then I look at these Moms. Strong, patient, loving women who would do anything for their children and usually come bearing some props or ideas with them. As a whole, these Moms aren't above some bribery for the Little Ones to stay happy and content :), they've worked hard to make this session happen and they love being taken care of during our time together. These ladies have put a lot of time and effort into thinking of clothing options, location choices and they contemplate how their children would respond at different times of the day so we can schedule accordingly. Above all, these women are FUN to be around, have a witty sense of humor, and can find joy in most any situation. I greatly admire these hard working women whether they stay at home or have a 9-5, because, no matter what, their jobs are never done.

And what would family photos be without these children!? Soooo many of these sessions have ended with hugs from these Little Ones and some have even


with a trusting hug. They've held my hand as we walk from one spot to another, they check out what they look like on my LCD screen (as a "treat" for smiling really well), and 99% of the time, they do a fantastic job obeying Mom & Dad while we work together. I feel that I have a certain investment in these young lives because I've gotten the privilege of watching them grow up and documenting their milestones. We've covered a baby's first "Roll Over", another's First Steps unassisted, and even a first bonefide Laugh.

In short, I am so blessed. And I may be a little biased, but I think I photograph the best families on earth. :)

Thank you for an incredible 2012 year!!