Originally planned as her 1-year session, Alivia's entire extended family was able to come into town to also celebrate Easter together. What was supposed to be a focus on Alivia became an awesome opportunity to document family history, and happily, I don't think Alivia minded very much....:)

The first location we tried was soggy and a tad treacherous to get to. So after this shot was taken, we hiked back up the hill to head to Grandma's house and use her space instead.

 In between some spitting drizzle, we nabbed the entire family, kiddos with their grandparents, and each family group.

 Mary & Bill were so gracious with their home and took suggestions as to where to shoot their images. I really appreciated their flexibility in maneuvering almost 20 people from inside to outside despite the chilly March air.

What a sweet couple!!

While the other family members warmed up inside while fixing Easter lunch, we borrowed Mary & Bill's bedroom for another chance at photos with Alivia. Their home has beautiful indoor lighting from big windows and their decor provided some wonderful backdrops.

The next few images are the perfect example of how girls love things that sparkle. Mary had decorated their bed with a few "bling-tastic" accent pillows and Alivia loved the texture of the diamonds.

 She loved the softer side of the pillows so much, she just curled up with them, ready for a nap!!

And then got some snuggle time with Melissa who coordinated with me to orchestrate the entire morning. What a champ!

Melissa & Chris: Thank you so much for inviting me into your family yet again. It was a pleasure to meet all of them and spend more time with Little Miss and Calvin. I can't wait to celebrate Calvin's 3rd birthday in May!



PS You can view the remainder of our time together