You first met her at

her party

just a few weeks ago but this time, it was just for their sweet family of three.  Sadie's and her parents, Jeffrey & Ashley, were fresh off a trip to Aruba with extended family. What a temperature shock for them to come home to! It was another blustery spring morning and if Miss Sadie had more than two teeth to chatter together, she would have. As it was this weekend, Sadie was chattering her gums in the midst of smiling at Daddy's antics behind me and my camera.

Though Ashley has never been in show choir, Jeffrey's hidden talent is being able to sing and dance at the same time. I think he may have taught Ashley how to smile open-mouthed for an extended period of time, because most of their family photos looked just like this:

Despite my attempts to get Sadie in the warm sunshine, her gums were still bumpin' together for this image:

I have to praise Jeffrey & Ashley here for just a moment: they did clothing swaps on Sadie in less than a minute each time. Bless their hearts, they did a fabulous job of jumping on board with my game plan while we still incorporated ideas that they brought with them. Talk about a team effort! Thanks guys!

Ashley brought Sadie's four closest friends for a group photo and I love how it turned out!

Jeffrey & Ashley-Thank you so much for trusting me to document Sadie's party and your family's 1-year session. I can't believe Sadie has already been with us for a whole year! She is such a joy and absolutely adorable to work with. You guys were awesome helpers to get four ideas executed and complete in so short a time frame. Thanks for having me and I look forward to watching Sadie grow!



PS You can view the rest of our session