It's hard for me to fathom, but here we are, 37+ weeks! In trying to keep things short and sweet, here's the bullet point edition of recent events:

-We got an extra ultrasound=more pictures! Baby was measuring small, but the ultrasound shows she's right on track. After I gained 3lbs in a week, you wouldn't know it, but at least


is a peanut.....

-The ultrasound tech was sure to point out that she has HAIR!! My first reaction was, "And God knows exactly how many..." :)

-Her clothes are organized and ready (and the dryer has already eaten a sock of her's, drat!)

-Bags packed

-Car seat installed

-Done with family sessions until July-



5 in a week

to catch all of May's milestone babies and toddlers--whew!

-Nursery is ready for its guest-a few of my long-time girlfriends came over to give me some input and help me de-clutter/organize. Thanks Laura & Trayla!!

First Mother's Day Weekend:

*trip to Target for a few maternity items


*Texas Toast French Toast & bacon for breakfast

*a dozen roses

*steak and twice-baked potato dinner

*both meals served on our wedding china

*back rub after helping with yardwork

Small Joys:

-a public bathroom paper towel dispenser that's not jammed. (after all the trips to the bathroom, it really makes the trip quicker!)

-my wedding ring still fits

-falling asleep nose-to-nose with our sweet pup; she definitely knows something's up.

-I appreciate feeling Baby's hiccups, especially if Gerard is around because then she can't hide from him and her movements are predictable.

-finding clothes that work in maternity and post maternity on clearance at Target. (Amen!!!)


-Can men go through nesting too? Gerard voluntarily wants to pull all furniture away from the walls and pinesol the hardwood floor of our living room!

-Can you crave a color? I've been so dying for spring, that I was craving celery greens and pale yellows. That's why I sprang for this dress that is serving as a maternity top on the clearance rack during my Target trip.

(37 weeks)

-10 weeks ago, students couldn't tell I was pregnant. Now, according to other teachers' reports, students think I'm ready to "explode".


1. One such student blurted out in the middle of class, "Mrs. Krupke, are you pregnant?!" I guess he finally saw my profile even though he sees me Every. Day.

2. After asking how I was doing and responding that Baby had dropped, our male student teacher summed it up in his own words, "So Baby is locked and loaded then? Awesome!" Yes, and there's just the one Peanut in the chamber...

Gerard asked me a little over a week ago what I'd miss about pregnancy. He asked me while I was in the midst of wondering what post-pregnancy would look like, which might not have been the best timing. But, it really got me thinking about

this entire ride as a whole

. (A ride that I never thought we'd get to experience.) Sometimes I feel like I'm still 30+ weeks ago seeing that positive test result and her heartbeat for the first time

Which leads me to what I might miss the most: seeing her on the ultrasound, seeing her growth from each ultrasound we've had the gift of getting, and hearing her heartbeat every appointment. If you're not in the medical field as a profession, when do you otherwise get to watch someone GROW inside another human? And when do you otherwise get to SEE someone's heart beat? I'll miss the awe and wonder of those amazing moments. But, as Gerard informs me wisely, that awe and wonder will be transferred to watching Baby grow and take in the world around her ex utero. :) And we get to discover it with her!