Most jobs today have an expressed purpose to serve other people-whether it's your plumber, electrician, teacher, or insurance agent-they are there to provide a service for you. I can't say that my job as a photographer is any different in purpose, but this session with Stacy and her son, Soren, struck a chord in me that reinforced the unique qualities of what a photographer can do for a family that not many other professions can claim. 

We documented a new beginning on this day. A fresh start. And I couldn't be more honored to share a part in their experience. 

I love this photo to start our session because Soren is so calm and curious with the endless possibilities around him; and you can see a hint of the fun we started to have with some bubbles on the left. :)

We weren't just celebrating a new beginning, we were set to also document Soren's 2nd Birthday:

God bless Stacy for always bringing a fun prop or two. Or in this case, at least three. This session is brought to you by the Number 2, Tweed Hats, and Polka-Dotted Balloons. Not to mention an awesome Aunt Melinda and Nonny & Poppy from Florida.

Of the sessions we've done with Soren since he was 3 months old, I think these are my favorite of our bigger family gathering images. Well done Little Man!

What can a photographer, who is 36 weeks pregnant, do to assist in a balloon drop? Bring her husband to help corral them all!

These following photos are also my favorites of Soren & Stacy together. The smiles are so genuine and while there is pain somewhere behind the facade, these are reminders to me of Stacy's strength, courage, and fierce devotion to being the best parent for Soren possible.

Stacy-I hope this session was at least half as impacting to you as it was for me. I always say that a referral or a client returning for another session is the biggest compliment I can receive. Your loyalty to the same photographer for Soren is beyond humbling. I'm so thankful that I can continue to be a part of your family as both photographer and friend to watch you both thrive-because I know you will!



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