Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my families?! It is an absolute joy to watch these families grow, add new Little Ones and become their family photographer for each big milestone. Adam & Andrea expanded their family to 3 last fall and it was time for Emerson's 6 month close-up.

Andrea hasn't disappointed me on the ideas that she has or the props that abound in her home and this little rocking chair is Adam's. It is the exact same rocking chair that my own husband has from his littler days. So while you may have seen this rocking chair in other sessions of mine, this one is all their's!

Chowin' down on the 'E'....

Adam has to educate Emerson in the ways of the world and what better way to start than with a reading from "The Dangerous Book for Boys"??

Emerson's expressions in these family photos are so hilarious and I love the casual flair of their living room.

Adam + Andrea-Thank you so much for allowing me document such a fun milestone with Emerson. He is such a hoot! I'm so appreciative of your flexibility with the weather and for opening your home to our session. It's been a wonderful ride getting to know your family and I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Emerson at a whopping ONE!



PS You can view the remainder of our session