The title sounds like it could be the name of a maternity clothing brand, but it's actually my sister-in-law. Because they look nothing alike, my husband, Gerard, and Mimi are often mistaken as husband and wife when they're out together. But Mimi found someone much more suited to her 8 years ago: Adam.

Together, they're building not just the feeling of community around Adam's collegiate football team, but they're building a team made up of their own DNA. 2 1/2 years ago, they added Caden to their team and this year, they're gaining Kai. No trading of players, just adding to their numbers. :)

I will include this last photo as a personal side note, because Caden will be a fantastic older brother when Kai enters the field. Or at least, right now, he's getting accustomed to babies by interacting with his newest cousin: Adelaide. :)

Gerard & I were made an uncle and aunt in 2010 and have loved our role in these toddlers' lives. Can't wait to meet Kai this Christmas because, as Gerard says, "Asian babies are the cutest! (Except for Adelaide)." 

Congrats in advance Adam & Mimi!