It is hard work growing a baby, both inside your body AND out! Amazingly, Kylie's mama is doing just that right now. Kylie is a 4th of July babe, and by that time again this year, she'll have a little sibling. Little Miss did superbly well for her 6 month session and warmed up to my camera really quickly. Here are a few of our results:

Oh, tutus and flower bows-thank Heaven for little girls, right?

She's on the move!!

You wouldn't guess it, however Marty was pretty under the weather but was such a trooper to put a good face on it. This family is awesome and I'm so excited to see them grow!

Marty & Sarah-Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! I'm really happy that I get to see you more often this year than anticipated with the arrival of #2 coming into the plan.

Praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe arrival,


PS You can view the rest of our session