As I sat in my car, waiting for them to arrive, I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. Sure enough, I glanced up and Ava's tongue was hanging out of her mouth in excitement, fogging up her car's window. Her floppy ears always make me laugh outloud and this morning was no different. One quarter of her car load was asleep, another quarter was quite excited to get out and play. I'll let you guess which quarter was which...But first, meet Ava, this family's first "furbaby".

Meet Ava's trusty sidekick-Jaxon, now a big boy at FOUR!!!

Jaxon gained a princess to protect this past fall and she's adorable as ever:

With it being Mother's Day weekend and all, I had to get a few of just Melissa with her little ones...and then we added Kevin to the mix as well...

As we watched Jaxon and Ava do laps through the bridge and back, Kevin whispered, "Never try to separate a boy from his dog. Those two are best friends." I think this photo captures that relationship pretty well. Flappy ears and all.

Melissa + Kevin: Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of watching your kiddos grow up! They did fabulously and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If I were Ava, I'd be lolling my tongue out with happiness at our time spent together. :) 

See you in the fall!


PS You can view more of our session together HERE