The amount of growth and change in a year never ceases to amaze me. I photographed Nolan when he was days old and now he's a Big (little) Man at the ripe age of THREE! While it took him a little bit to warm up to new surroundings and me again, within 15 minutes, Nolan was his charming self.

I would have done photos of just Ann & her little man anyway, but it seemed especially fitting on Mother's Day weekend....

Ann + Jason-It's always wonderful to see you guys and watch how much more Nolan can do and say each time we get together. Thank you for trusting me every time and believing in my abilities. With the weather changes and needing to make decisions on the spot, it's always reassuring to hear you say, "You're the professional! We'll do whatever!" Your flexibility and trust means a TON!  Enjoy the wrapping up of yet another school year! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE