Andrea arrived at the church with her head covered in a bag. Not because she was hyperventilating, but to protect her hair from the rain and humidity. She gathered her things from her car to bring them into the church and a flurry of activity ensued. So accustomed to helping others was she, that we consistently had to remind her that she was unavailable to anyone else but Derek today. 

Andrea anticipated that the best way for her wedding day to go smoothly and for her nerves to be smoothed over, she would need to see Derek before the ceremony. I love doing this for the sake of the day's timeline, but the groom's reaction is my top reason why I advocate this to my brides. Take a look at Derek's response to his gorgeous bride!

Derek and Andrea kept their ceremony attendants really simple-their fathers and nephews participated in small parts of the ceremony as did Andrea's daughters, but they didn't have the customary "wedding party". 

From the church, the party moved to Andrea's parents' home for a tented dance floor and eating space that was the perfect reflection of down-home Iowa country gatherings. Before their grand entrance, we took some more time for bride and groom portraits since the downpouring rain had finally abated!

I have to give credit where it's due: after their first dance, Andrea & Derek took their cake eating to the next level...

Andrea + Derek-thank you so much for the honor of documenting your wedding day! You both focused on the important parts of the day, not the rain drops, not the little things. You took any small tweak to the day in stride and I know that will serve you well in married life! Congratulations!!



PS You can view the rest of their day HERE