A social experiment...oftentimes, that's what preschool is for parents sending their children out in the world. That experiment proved entertaining when our daughter, Laidy, came home saying she had married a little boy in her class named Truman. I'm not sure where she even got that kind of vocabulary, but our preschool's director assures me that Truman is worth sticking with because he is going places. ;) 

Truman's mom, Erin, emailed me after I took the preschool's class and individual school photos and inquired about a family session in their own "social experiment". We live in a barn, she said and I couldn't have been more excited and intrigued. Just seeing the style of clothing that Erin wears to work while dropping off/picking Truman up, I knew her home decor would not disappoint! 

Their kitchen needs a few finishing touches, but it already looks like it's ready for a magazine cover and the best part is that Erin's hubby, Bruce, is doing all the beautiful work himself:

 I loved how Erin gracefully scaled her countertop to retrieve some bribes for Truman throughout our session, so I had to document and share her cuteness up there. :) And in our next image, this is how I warm up a 3 year old to my camera...

We moved from their lovely south-window-facing family room to their equally awesome south-window-facing master bedroom. Can we give Natural Light a holla?!

Seriously, you guys are too cute!

Erin + Bruce: Thank you so much for inviting me into your home for the morning! I had a great time getting to know a family that is parenting alongside us and I enjoy widening our circle of friends. Thank you for raising a son that (apparently) is worthy of marrying already! ;) 



PS You can view the remainder of our time together HERE

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