I don't remember how Amanda & Trevor first heard of me to take their family's photos, but I feel like I've known them for much longer than the calendar describes. Together, Amanda and I have shared the bumps and the roller coaster ride it can sometimes be while trying to expand your family, but I'm happy to share her beautiful Baby Bump with you today as they anticipate the June arrival of Baby Boy!

After Laidy took to Graham so kindly at their fall session, (that ended up winning me an award) it seemed logical to continue the play dates and broaden our circle of friends who are in the younger parenting years with us. So, we had their sweet family over for dinner and hit up the beautiful sidewalk near our home that was covered in lovely blooms for their session. 

Seriously, Graham, could you smile any wider? You rock, kiddo!

Gerard and Laidy played with Graham, throwing rocks in the lake, while I focused on just Amanda & Trevor, but Graham couldn't stay away too long:

Amanda, you are GORGEOUS:

A few last ones before we called it "good":

Amanda & Trevor (& Graham): We are so thankful to be doing Life alongside you guys. It's so fun to watch Laidy & Graham figure each other out and I hope that the friendship continues! Thank you for trusting me so much with your family's memories and I'm so excited to meet the next Little Man in your lives! 

Blessings on the remainder of your pregnancy & delivery,


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.