My "First Family", if you will, is growing up! They were the first paid family session I ever did back in 2009 on a rainy April morning (Drake Relays weekend-it always rains!) but we persevered just as we did on this hot afternoon without much shade, to document the start of Thomas' journey at Roosevelt High School in the fall. Crazy how much this kiddo has grown! (It feels weird to even call him a "kid" because he's a young man now!)

Without further adieu, I give you Sean + Miriam's family:  

We headed to the only shade on the front grounds of Roosevelt, kicked away some debris and made ourselves at home. For these two, I'm pretty sure they're at home wherever they're together. :) Sean is such a cheese and gets the best smiles out of Miriam with how he dotes on her unabashedly in front of the camera. . . 

Our last session together, I focused on getting shots of the boys with Sean. This time, Miriam piped up and said she wanted in on it. And those sunglasses? Her Forever Accessory since we'll be seeing her in the pool throughout the summer with swim lessons and Laidy. If you need a swim instructor for your child(ren) and are in the Des Moines area, she's your gal!! I'm happy to send you her contact info!

Miriam + Sean: I love how laid back you guys are and how comfortable you are in front of my camera. Thank you so much for everything you do, every single year and I can't wait to get my toes wet in the pool with Laidy! 

Have a fantastic summer and see you soon!

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.