Simply said, this couple inspires me. I aim to support Gerard as much as Beth supports Chris as a high school principal. I fall short often (the flesh is so weak!) but I look at families like their's and know it's possible to do better. Beth and Chris have a contagious sense of humor and adventurous hearts-you have to if you're going to road trip to either of our nation's coasts in consecutive summers as they have. Their family has a bucket list of sorts to see all 30 of the American Major baseball teams' stadiums. Last summer was California's coastline and this summer will include Baltimore, D.C. and Philadelphia. That puts them about two summers away from seeing all of them!! Like I said, adventurous.

While the Art Center's lily pad pond had some overgrown areas of algae, and it seemed somewhat posed to have them looking at it for a few minutes, eventually frogs and fish jumped and caught us all by surprise! Sometimes, taking a 5 minute breather and looking at the nature around you is an opportunity for all sorts of lessons. :) 

We moved to the other side of the pond for some individual photos and all around family too...

Chris + Beth: Thank you so much for coming back again and again (and again!)! I always love your creative ideas and where it leads us, pushing me to do and try new things. Best of luck and safety with your road trip this summer-I already know you'll have a blast!! 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.