This girl was SO quiet in middle school! (I feel like I should put that last sentence in a smaller font and without the exclamation point just to emphasize how quiet she was.) Mackenzie is still somewhat reserved in character, but, as I found out towards the end of our session, ask her about chemical engineering of food and WOW. The hand gestures come flying, the tone inflections in her voice start leaping and this twinkle in her eyes burns bright. I totally would’ve brought that up sooner had I known what reaction it would elicit!

At any rate, enjoy these images we captured at her horse barn where she teaches and rides as well as a few from Downtown Norwalk. :)

Sweet Kisses did a great job for our session with her, but you could definitely tell when she was done! So, we then made our way to Main Street of Norwalk and made the most of the 30 minutes of light we had left in the day.

Mackenzie: What a joy to photograph you! Thank you so much for coming to me, being flexible with me and being so wonderful to work with. Have a fantastic senior year and I can’t wait to hear about your successes at Iowa State in chemical engineering!


Mrs. K

PS You can view Mackenzie’s additional favorites HERE.